TX 86T

Negative Impedance Repeater

TX 86T-amplificatore-prospettiva1_teleco

TX 86T-amplificatore-prospettiva2_teleco

The advantages of the negative impedance repeaters in comparison with the traditional amplifiers are mainly reassumed in the lower cost and in the safety of operation.


The Teleco TX 86T device is constituted by an electronic circuit whose principal function is to modify, in a telephone circuit, the course of the frequency gain, through the introduction of a complex negative impedance.

The negative impedance repeater is bi-directional and works to bring back the curve gain/frequency of a connection at two wires within the limits of the mask CCITT M1020 through proper regulations of the artificial network.

The signalings (call, selections, etc.) are not altered by the presence of the same amplifier and moreover in case of power supply absence, the amplifier, also not introducing some gain, it doesn’t interrupt the communication and therefore it doesn’t create disservice.

The model TX 86T doesn’t need external network because the gain and the equalization are regulated through micro-switches that realize a middle compensation of cables not pupinized.