TELECO S.p.A. considers its strategic objective a high level of quality of its products, suited to the needs of the industrial sector of which it is part, heavily based on technology.

The company has a long experience in the sector (1958) and constant investments in research and development, these now represent the major strengths of the company.

With these choices, the company undertakes not only to achieving product compliance with the requirements of the Customers and the relevant standards (Italian and International), also to a continuous improvement of its performance, in order to obtain an increasing Customer Satisfaction and all involved parts, which are the primary goals of its policy.

The objectives to which TELECO is directed are therefore:

– Attention to the expectations of Customers, focusing on trust and full satisfaction of needs expressed and possibly to overcome the same, thanks to TELECO longstanding knowledge, helping the success and ability to compete of its Customers.

– Investment and innovation in new technologies and internal training programs as the basis of the TELECO strategy and mentality.

– Involvement of all staff, at all levels, as an important resource for the company, involvement seen as value for achieving the desired objectives, which method for the gratification of individuals and for the enhancement of all resources, human and professional, available, reinforcing the unity of purpose and action of all parties involved.

– Ensure that the management of staff and people is planned, ethical and socially responsible.

– Analyze and manage all the processes, which are all the activities of the organization, considering them both individually and in their interactions, based on data properly monitored, to gradually improve the effectiveness of the same.

– Pay attention to satisfy the expectations of all other interested parties, such as suppliers, the community, etc…

– Respect and care for the environment in full compliance with Italian and European regulations in force.