TELECO S.p.A. is an Italian high technology company, it is a limited company with capital entirely Italian, operating in the telecommunications sector, TELECO has important Customers, National and International, in the public and private sector (public organizations, telecom operators, etc…) and it has many decades of experience and collaboration with the biggest Italian operator of Telecommunications (Telecom Italia).

The solutions offered by TELECO ranging from data transmission systems such as analog transmission, digital transmission, remote power supply systems, to the structures and accessories for networks such as frames, lines protection systems, tools and accessories.

TELECO providing devices for the services of access and transport (ISDN, G.703 and xDSL), supplies technology for the migration of today telecommunications networks to the New Generation IP-based Networks.

Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Inspection and Testing (100% of device tested) took place exclusively in our plant, thanks to this TELECO S.p.A. is able to offer solution Ad Hoc or Custom, responding quickly to the demands and needs of its Customers.