TELECO S.p.A. started its activity in 1958 working exclusively in the world of telecommunications.

The constant attention and the large investments in research and development have allowed TELECO to follow the evolution of electronics, that characterized significantly the development of telecommunications, guaranteeing a continuous presence on the market with high quality products.

In the decades the company’s production has gone from the relay, which supported all communications of 50-60 years, up to the programmable logic and modern microprocessor systems, which currently allow a considerable variety of services.

TELECO S.p.A. has important customers, national and International, in the public and private sector.

Main examples of device produced and supplied are are listed below:

– Data transmission systems: ANALOG, ISDN, ADSL, HDSL, SHDSL, G.703, MULTIPLEX.

– Structures and systems for telecommunications networks.

These products can be installed in a rack or desktop device housing.

The development of the devices always takes into consideration the following factors:

– Quality.

– Environment.

– Reliability.

– Costs reduction.

– Easy installation.

The inputs for the design of the devices resulting from both the specific requirements of customers, about new products and new technologies or changes to existing ones, both from research activities within the organization, always interested in finding new productive opportunities in an industry in constant technical evolution, but also from the analysis of the market with the development of standard products.

All business relationships (customer requests, offers, product presentation and selling) are directly managed by TELECO S.p.A.

Like yesterday, today TELECO is committed to continuous improvement of its products and the Quality Management System in order to ensure the Customers the highest reliability, performance and product quality.